Ever since John, Thomas and William first started doing business back in 1880 in Kettering, England the Loake factory lives on even today, after five generations and 130 years – the fine, handmade shoes are still loved immensely by many people, and not just in the UK but worldwide as well. Later on, they’ve moved to Wood street – where it still is today and the factory was called the Unique Boot Factory. Even back in 1894, the Loakes had accommodated over 300 workers and even then they’ve been considered to be one of the most fine and reputable shoe factories in the UK.

The Loake’s premium grade Goodyear welted shoes are also still being made in Kettering, today. The making of only one pair of Loake shoes takes no less than eight weeks, and each of those pairs are made with delicate, high quality material and the Loakes believe there is no better way to produce such high quality gentleman’s shoes.

It has been estimated that Loake Shoemakers have manufactured over 50 million pairs of high quality shoes since the factory started working.

The company exports to well over 50 countries worldwide and say their aim is to uphold to the tradition that their forefathers have imagined so long ago, with creating lovely, durable, and comfortable footwear.

It is no secret how influencal the name Loake has been to the first World War, they are known for manufacturing Terrain boots, Convalescent boots and even Despatch Rider boots for the British army, while they also manufactured the Cossack footwear for the Russian army. Of course every business had to allocate space for the war effort and Loake was thriving during both World Wars. At its peak, they produced over 2,500 pairs of stitched and screwed boots per one week.

The Loake brand was registered officially as soon as the war ended, while starting to carry stock lines.

In 2007 The Queen granted Loake a “Royal Warrant of Appointment”. Later that year, Loake acquired new warehouses in order to supplyy its increasing demand for quality footwear.

At The Big Red Building on Golders Green Road you are able to shop and browse by both style and range. Shoe trees, valet boxes, care kits and belts are also available.